NCPBM and EU Delegation discuss on key areas for cooperation and better ways to promote Bilingualism in Cameroon.

A high level delegation of the European Union was received in audience by the President of the Commission at the request of H.E Hans Peter SCHADEK, Ambassador and Head of the European Union Delegation to Cameroon. 

The President of the NCPBM, H.E Peter MAFANY MUSONGE, on Thursday November 23rd 2017, granted an audience to a Delegation from the European Union in the conference room of his cabinet. He was accompanied on this occasion by the Vice President, Mr. OUMAROU DJIKA and the Secretary General, Dr. CHI ASAFOR Cornelius. 

The delegation of three composed of :

  • ERJA KAIKONNEN, Head of the Political Affairs Section of the European Union Delegation, Head of delegation;
  • Daria FANE, Head of the E.U. Foreign Policy Instrument Regional Team in Dakar;
  • Dominika SIKORSKA, Desk for Cameroon, Chad and Gabon, within the service for Foreign Policy Instrument at the Regional office of the European Union, in charge of management of the European Union Instrument, contributing to stability and peace in the West African region and part of Central Africa, including Cameroon. 

The President of the Commission was assisted during the audience by the Vice President of the Commission, OUMAROU DJIKA and the Secretary General of the Commission, Dr.CHI ASAFOR Cornelius. 
At the end of the audience which lasted for over an hour, the head of the EU Delegation, disclosed that they came to present their Institution and visitors working in the Foreign Policy Instrument of the E.U. in Dakar also to have an exchange of views on how the Commission works in relation to the mandate it was provided by the President of the Republic. 

She also mentioned that the European Union monitors the situation of Cameroon very keenly and appreciates the fact that the Commission was put in place to promote Bilingualism, Multiculturalism and Living Together amongst Cameroonians. 
ERJA KAIKONNEN affirmed that if Cameroon’s Bilingualism attains 100%, it will be an incentive to encourage more foreign investments into the country.